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Energy Star Windows



From our variety of high-performance, insulating glass systems that qualify for the ENERGY STAR ® label, Sam's Club has you covered when it comes to energy-efficiency. It's time to have a window professional help you make a decision that best fits your needs.

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Replacement Windows

Replacement vinyl windows and doors can transform your home's interior beauty and your exterior curb appeal.  Replacement windows not only give you beauty, they add value to your home, provide indoor comfort, and will save you money on energy costs.  The Home Improvement Advantage network manufactures only the highest quality materials.  Members will recieve a custom-sized design to ensure they will recieve a quick installation and a perfect fit to their home's architecture.




Window styles
Variety of Styles
We offer a wide variety of vinyl replacement window styles and models to lower your energy bills and increase your home's comfort and value.

  • Double hung
  • Horizontal Sliding
  • Casement
  • Bays and Bows
  • Garden
  • Awning and Basement
  • Picture and Shaped
  • Sliding Glass Patio Door

Window Protection
You're Protected

    Protection in the HEAT: A standard double-pane window allows approximately 75% of the sun's heat into your home.  With ENERGY STAR ® qualified windows; you can stay cool all summer long.  They will reduce the "heat gain" into your home more than typical windows do without reducing the visible light.  You simply get the light you need without the uncomfortable heat.

    Protection in the COLD: The cold inside surface of a standard window pulls heat away from your body, so you can feel chilly in a sweater with the thermostat at 70 degrees.  With our energy-efficient windows, the interior glass stays warmer.  So you can now enjoy your window seat even when the temperature outside dips well below freezing.



All of our windows are qualified by ENERGY STAR ® providing you lower energy bills and comfort and quality that are unmatched.

  • Reduce energy by 7-24%
  • Improved framing materials
  • High-performance and insulating glass sytems
  • Prevent fading of interior furnishings
  • And more!

The Home Improvement Advantage:

 Free in-home design by a professional window consultant.

Reliable delivery and installation.

Member-only savings.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Immediate project quote & financing options.

For more than 10 years
For more than 10 years, we discover, certify, and train the best renovators around the country, work with them to make their services more accessible for you, track their results and customer satisfaction, and tie them all together in a national network vetted by My Home Renovator.
For more than 10 years
Schedule your free in-home consultation, and you will be presented a custom design and project quote at no cost.  With the home improvement advantage, a certified consultant can provide exclusive savings that cannot be offered anywhere else...just because you're a member.
For more than 10 years
Sit back and enjoy your latte.  From start to finish, a professional certified company will design and install your entire home improvement project.  As a valued member, you can ensure your project expectations will be exceeded.